Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What can I do to update my kitchen?

     This is the one question that seems to be popping up with every client visit.  Whether they call me over to measure for a bath remodel or for a entertainment center for the living room, on my way out this question will pop up.  It starts with, "And oh, by the way..."
     There are a few things you can do to update your kitchen that will change the look and the feel without much expense.  But before you embark on any change consider what is it about your kitchen that you don't like or that really needs improvement.  If it only needs a fresh look than maybe just a dramatic paint will do the job.  That's the easiest and less costly of all the options.
     If your cabinets are in good shape and you like them but not the countertop then you can think of replacing the countertop.  But please don't replace the countertop if you have any issues with your cabinets.  Putting a granite or an engineered stone such as Caesarstone on cabinets that  you don't like will only make them look worse.  Once you put that type of countertop on the cabinets it is very unlikely that you will be replacing it, so make sure you like your cabinets and that they are in good condition.
     Another possible update is the backsplash area.  If you have a painted area on the wall behnd the countertop then replacing it with a tiled backsplash can work wonders in a kitchen.  It can be costly depending on the stone and the design, but it will definitely lift up the kitchen, and a backsplash is allot of fun to design.  There are so many options in stone now, so plan on taking some time to pick out the materials.  I can help save you time and money on this endeavor.
     You can also replace the hardware (knobs or handles) on your cabinets.  Hardware on your cabinets is like jewelry and can definitely dress up a kitchen.  Make sure the new hardware will line up with the holes in the cabinets where the old hardware is if you are not replacing the cabinets.
     Lighting can make a big difference in a kitchen as well.  Every kitchen should have task lighting which is also known as under cabinet lighting.  You can also hang more whimsical or decorative lights over your island or peninsula to spruce up the kitchen.  I've designed uplighting above cabinets in some of my kitchens and I've also put lighing under the cabinets so that it is easier to walk into the kitchen at night.
     If storage is your main concern than you may want to consider replacing your shelves in some cabinets with roll-outs. And a garage for small appliances may also be an option.
    If you would like help in figuring out what will work best for your kitchen just email me for an appointment: claremarie@asyoulikeitdz.com.  I'll be glad to help you out.

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