Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Casual Elegance, Your Story, Your Space, Your Home

With every New Year there is always such a sense of hope in the air.  Several clients who put their projects on hold last year have already called to set up appointments.  This will be the year that we reap the benefits from all the research and lengthy discussions that we engaged in as preparation of the day when we could move forward. That time was well spent as the decisions made were necessary for the project anyhow. Some valuable lessons were learned and so many clients had expressed similar desires that I'd like to share them with all of you.   

Here's what they had in common:
  • They want the space to be warm and inviting but not trendy
  • They want the space to work for family game night as well as for formal dinners
  • They want to keep the most important furniture pieces/accessories and buy others over time.
  • They want to add drama to the space by colors, window treatments or textured wall treatments
  • They want an uncluttered space with seating for everyone
Without realizing it, my clients have tapped into an interior design style that has been in existence for decades.  This style is Casual Elegance - a sophisficated style that blends two different and distinct styles: casual and elegant.  A designer can help the homeowner achieve this look with  a balanced approach that mingles your treasured furnishings and accessories with a sophistocated pallete of color, lustrious fabrics for upholstery and stylized window treatments which all combined will create a classy, elegant yet relaxed living space.  This is an intiutive style that works better if each room has  accessories that aren't an exact match but rather add to the overall ambiance of the room.  It's not about following specific design rules, it's about creating a home fashioned to meet your needs and your lifestyle.  So, you can walk into the space and not just say, "I'm home", but feel that you're home. 

Casual elegance is a decor style for a variety of lifestyles.

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