Monday, January 30, 2012

New Year Resolution: decorate my home

Happy New Year everyone.  With the various conversations I've had with clients regarding their New Year resolutions, this is starting off to be a fun year. It seems like many of  you  are on the road to simplicity and to making your homes more comfortable.  Conversations such as this are always fun and upbeat.  The funny thing is that several of my clients have the same top New Year resolution and that is: "decorate my home."  I was asked for a few suggestions that may help them keep things organize so below are a few task that will help manage your remodeling endeavour:

 1) Make a list and prioritize the items. I'm sure you are tired of hearing this but it's surprising how many people don't put their thoughts down on paper first.  This task will insure that you tackle the most critical items first.  If you are thinking of updating multiple areas like your kitchen, bathrooms and the master suite than you need to zero in on what area will impact your life the most when you remodel it.  You only have so much money for the remodel so if the furniture in the bedroom will make you feel better than the new double oven, or the more spacious shower, then do the bedroom first.  But if you really can't live with those old oak cabinets anymore then do the kitchen first. 

2) Come up with a comfortable and feasible budget.  This may require some research.  The more projects you want to do this calendar year, the harder the task.

3) De-clutter, if necessary. This will become an issue if you want to update your space but you don't have any space for the new items. The good thing about de-cluttering is that it will not effect the budget but de-cluttering is often essential for re-decorating. As crazy as it seems, if you want to change your life, a good way to start is by cleaning out the closet. Getting rid of clutter will re-energize a space. This is a hard task.  You should never part with items that you love, but if you haven't used something in the last year then it may be time to toss it. 

4) Be patient. Don’t try to do it all at once. Consider how much you really want something before moving ahead.  On items that you really want do not settle for less. I have found when people settle for less they often regret it. My advise is that if you want an island in the kitchen but you don’t want the expense of knocking out that wall right now in order to have one then don't do the kitchen this year.  If, on the other hand, you decide that you will probably never want that type of remodel expense then do the kitchen so that you can enjoy the upgraded features that can make working in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. Again, consider the impact and what will add the most to your lifestyle.

5) Congratulate yourself on making good decisions as you go through the process. As a designer I can tell you that whether you are designing a kitchen or decorating your living area, it is a process and it all takes time.

6) Last, but not least, call me if you need help.

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