Sunday, January 27, 2013

2013 Kitchen Design Trends

Kitchen design is looking very exciting for 2013.  One reason for this is the fact that we are slowly moving away from traditional settings and into a more contemporary and eclectic style.  Here are a few trends in kitchen design for this year.

 Trend #1 - Simplicity
 From cabinets to wall decor, sleekness is leading the way.  Today's kitchen needs to be free of clutter, minimum cabinet embellishments - slab doors, small top moldings and a feeling of openness.  A trend towards horizontal door styles and high-gloss styles are gaining ground in very contemporary and modern kitchens. 

Trend #2 - Multi-entertainment spaces.
 Since people are staying in their homes, they are demanding more from every room.  The wall between the dining area and the kitchen is often removed for a more open space where family members can participate in the conversation at all times.  This trend was started a few years back and will remain strong in the foreseeable future..  This open concept is not just for kitchens but for the living room and other livable spaces in the home.

Trend #3 - Environment Friendly materials. 
Today's appliances, countertops, cabinets are all being judged by the effect they have on the air we breathe.  Price will always be a consideration but when possible people will buy energy efficient appliances and lighting, low VOC paints and are more likely to consider flooring such as cork or bamboo.

Trend #4 - Stylish Sinks.
People are putting more thought into the sinks they buy.  Stainless steel sinks will continue to be a crowd-pleaser because they fit quite well into the contemporary and modern design.  For those preferring a more eclectic look they may find a fireclay farmhouse sink or a soapstone sink more to their liking. 

Trend #5 - Stylish Faucets.
Because homeowners are looking for items that help to  keep the work space clean.  They want to simplify their work load so  the single hold tall faucet with a pull down mechanism is one of the most popular kitchen faucets and will likely remain so in the coming year.

Trend #6 - Kitchen Technology.
Technology in the appliance industry is exploding.  As an example, the Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop where you can place a pot anywhere on the surface to cook was introduced this year.  Imagine folks, - no visible burners. You have to see it to  believe it.  It's fabulous.  Induction Cooking itself has been around a long time but slowly gaining acceptance in the States.  It rivals the Gas range in its abilities.  Even more amazing changes will be coming as the Quantitative-Self movement, now afoot in the health industry, plays a more prominent role in our lifestyle - but maybe not in this year.. 

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