Saturday, January 19, 2013

And the color of this year is ---------- Emerald

Yes, Pantone revealed the new color choice recently.  Replacing the Tango reddish-orange color of 2012 is a vibrant and brilliant gemstone of a color.  All variations of green promote a sense of balance and harmony and signify a fresh start as is evident in nature, but this variation of green is not the calming, tranquil variation that you see in olive green.  Emerald is a vivid green that  is meant to stir your subconscious to greater  heights.  It's a strong color and will rejuvenate your space. The perception of Emerald has long been one of luxury and sophistication as well as beauty and renewal. 

Over the last year I have noticed several clients drawn to the lively color variations of green.  Vibrant colors in general have been on the rise as we seek to re-energize our spaces. In 2012 clients were more willing to take a chance on apple-green or even metallic green walls and spiced them up with hot or raspberry pink accessories, or calm them down with brown.  Often the rooms where a client takes the most risk  will be the ones they love the most.  This statement is geared towards the livable rooms such as bedrooms, dens or offices.  When it comes to remodeling kitchens and bath areas, functionality and safety are the primary concerns, yet the rules of aesthetics still apply.

Color effects the entire design industry.  The striking elegance of Emerald will certainly be evident in the fashion industry this year.  You will also see it in the cosmetic industry for more intense eye shadow.  Green is a great color for eye makeup because it will enhance green eyes, is compatible with blue and will draw out the green undertones hidden in hazel eyes.  We may even see some new nail colors.   In March, check out Sephora in JC Penney's.  Sephora and  Pantone have partnered for a new beauty collection featuring Emerald.

There are many ways you can enrich your interior with this color.  Paint is always the fastest way to change the atmosphere in a room.  You can also liven up the space simply by buying  additional pillows, or  new bath towels or bedding.   It's a powerful color and can be used as a accent to freshen up a room.

Color is one of the best ways to bring happiness into your life.  One of the tabs on this blog is Designing for Happiness so I will talk more about color on that page.

Have fun coloring your life.  

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