Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Assessing Needs In a Kitchen Remodel

 On a day-to-day basis it is not always apparent just how much goes on in the kitchen and new clients are often surprised when I start to ask questions about what they do in the kitchen other than cook.

I'm sure you've heard it said that the kitchen is the heart of the home.  That's because over the years the significance of the kitchen has grown into a gathering place for all kinds of activities, but it's main function is still where meals are prepared and food is served.   It's important to know about all the other activities but the first priority is to design the kitchen with the cook(cooks) in mind.  An efficient kitchen makes the job of the cook easier; an inefficient kitchen  makes every task laborious. While the walls of the space structurally may define the kitchen area, how a person uses their kitchen is a major consideration in the design of the kitchen layout. In other words if you are about 5 feet tall and you do allot of  baking than you may need a section of the counter to be below the normal 36"so you can use the mixer easier.  Tier countertops are often seen in multi-generational family kitchens for this reason. 

The questions I ask during that initial meeting in order to understand what you need from your kitchen design fall into three categories:
  1) Food-related activities,
  2) Household Management
  3) Recreational activities.  

Within this framework I'll understand if there are two cooks in the kitchen or  if you cook for a large family, if you like to have parties, if the kids do homework there or you need a computer or cellphone station in the kitchen.  There is usually a fix amount of space so you need to know what activities  to include room for in the design. 

There are a host of other questions that will stem from the answers given for those 3 categories. The details in a kitchen remodel can be overwhelming.  As a designer I'll assist you in the selection of  all products and will work to eliminate as much stress as possible.  There is stress in remodeling though, just the fact that people are working in your house is stressful.  After all, home is where you go to shut the world out.

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