Saturday, May 18, 2013

At Home in a Hard Hat - Continued

We are nearing completion of the Leeds Habitat home in Tempe so the hard hat I was wearing during construction is no longer needed.  As usual work started early last Saturday morning, we were all present and ready to go around 6:30.  It was  hot out and landscaping was on the agenda for the day.  Desert plants in the front and rock in the back.  Remember this is a Leeds certified house so it needs to be energy and water wise.  My post: At Home in a Hard Hat shows this project in the framing stage and as you can see we have long passed that.

My task were in the interior so I didn't have to deal with the hot sun beaming on me.   I was painting and doing other task as needed.    As usual I spent some time in the kitchen.  The oak cabinets for the home were donated by Home Depot.  The cabinets are an American standard overlay door style which means  you will see more frame around the door and door knobs/handles are not required.  There is enough room to open the door with your fingers so  hardware is not as essential as a full overlay door style.  There are some nice features with these cabinets.  Each drawer  pulls out to its full extension and the doors and drawers are all soft-close which means you won't hear any sound when they are closing.  If you have someone in your family who has a tendency to slam drawers or doors, they can't do that with a soft-closing door.  I always encourage my clients to include these features in the design.  The full extension drawer option is essential for retrieving things from the back of the drawer.
Solar panels on West side

Full Extension Drawers
 Another important item in this home because it is a Leed home is the solar panel configuration on the roof.  With this pitch roof they are on the West side to obtain the best possible sun exposure for a home in this direction. 

We have a little more to do on the inside yet, but the new homeowner should be receiving the keys sometime in June.

Soft Closing

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