Saturday, July 13, 2013

To The Dump -- Part of our Service

There is always debris in a remodel.  Every now and then we have a client who wants to get rid of the rip out debris on their own and that's fine with us.  You just take it to your local Transfer Station which many people refer to as the dump. 

Most city transfer stations will allow residents to dispose of one load a month for free so it may save some money for  the client.  Our charge depends on what the cost of the city transfer station is in that city but normally between $50.00 - $75.00 per dump.  On large kitchen installs there can be more than one trip.

 Unless we are working on new construction most of our installations require a trip to the dump at least once during the process.  This is not my favorite part of the project.  I always call Stardust Building Supplies to see if they want the old cabinets but they have only taken me up on the offer once.  If Stardust takes them then they will be recycled, otherwise,  they end up as scrap lumber that we haul to the city Transfer Station.

With all the smells and noises, the Transfer Station is a world unto itself.  Luckily it takes longer to load the truck then it does to unload it. I say that because we are usually loading it after the cabinet/countertop demolition on the jobsite and at that point  we don't have to deal with the atmosphere of the dump.  Before you can unload the truck you must go to the station and have it weighed.  At that time they will also need to know if you are a resident of that city or not.  If you are a resident you could save the cost.

After the truck is weighed you can proceed to the dumping site.  Some stations are better maintained then others but there is usually a work crew on site clearing debris as the trucks unload.  After you unload your truck then you need to go back through the weighing station for another weight check.

So, you can see the process is pretty simple.  It's best to go as early as you can in the mornings.   This morning  we were at the dump for about 30 minutes and that's normally how much time it takes as long as there is at least two people to unload.  It may take longer if it is just one person.   I always ask the client if they want us to take care of  the demolition debris because they do have a choice. 

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