Monday, February 24, 2014

The Illuminated Backsplash

Backsplash Turned Off
From concept to completion a kitchen remodel can take a few months depending on the complexity of the design, and the size of the kitchen.  At some point in the design process, you'll need to talk about the backsplash. It often becomes a budgetary issue, so a client may choose to  just paint the area. However, there are lots of other options: tile designs(ceramic/natural stone), glass, metals (stainless, hammered copper), granite or other countertop extension up the wall and now there is Luminsplash.

Backsplash Lighting Turned On
Luminsplash is a 3/8" panel that can be ordered up to a 24" by 96" size piece.  The pattern ATI (Advanced Technology Inc.) displayed at KBIS is pictured on the right and is called Subway Tiles.  There is a dimmable light behind the laminate used to highlight the counter area.  This lighting feature offers an even distribution of light across the backsplash.  Of course, an even distribution can also be achieved by under cabinet lighting. This is just another option in the realm of kitchen design.

There are many design patterns available through ATI from which to choose.  Another great feature to this backsplash option is that you can customize your design. You can use a photo of your favorite ocean scene or a cityscape that you love and, since it's a panel, you can also change the scene whenever you want a change of scenery.

I love designing backsplashes and this option makes  a highlighted Tuscany wine scene in a bar alcove off the kitchen possible. 

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