Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Traveling Grandmom

Recently,  I shared a few tips with the design community on how to run a business and be a traveling Grandmom at the same time.  It's tricky,  but many of us are doing it with little fanfare. Here's a link to that article:

If you are a grandparent then you know that grandparenting is allot of fun in many ways. You get to crawl in and out of tunnels, play on the interactive smart tables at the museum, hangout at the playground and look for shells along the beach - to name a few things. What I enjoy the most, however, is watching the kids figure out how to solve something, either a puzzle or a conflict.  It's definitely fun and a pleasure to take care of your grandkids, and it is also allot of work.

From the various conversations I've had with other grandparents at airports and hotels, there's no doubt in my mind that our generation is more involved with the rearing of grandchildren than the previous generation.  As I listened to other grandparents and as we shared our stories I began to see patterns and formulate themes from emerging topics that soon blended into a larger image, something along the lines of Grandparents on the Move.  It's definitely a movement under foot.

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