Friday, March 8, 2019

De-cluttering is a Powerful Tool.

Never underestimate the effect of clutter in your life.  Clutter can strangle you.  It can absorb your energy as soon as you enter a room.  Sometimes it's best to dispose of everything and start anew.  This is not always necessary and not always a good idea.  What is necessary is to know what items in your home give you support and energy and what items stagnate your energy.  Healthy energy tends to flow unimpeded which often makes de-cluttering a necessary process at some point in time.  I have helped many clients decide what stays and what goes in their homes.  

I have a wonderful client who is the midst of de-cluttering.  Like most of us, she has acquired a lot of stuff.  She had six children all living at home at one time, so you can imagine all the stuff.  She has recently completed  a major task of clearing out and reorganizing a row of cabinets above her peninsula.  The cabinets can now be removed which will open up the kitchen to other living areas in the home.  Now, that's success.
As a designer I always think of de-cluttering as a task necessary to keep life simple, your energy healthy and moving, and the energy in your home alive and welcoming. And I have advised many of my clients that if  you are constantly tired or feel stuck then clean out your closet.  Recently I've run into this process in a different way. 

As a writer, I attend various book related conferences and festivals throughout the country.  Last weekend I attended the Tucson Book Festival and the very first workshop/presentation I attended (drum roll please) was, you guessed it, about de-cluttering:  Whack Wordiness, De-cluttering your Writing.  I had to laugh when I saw it in the brochure and, of course, I had to attend the session. It was fun and worthwhile and when I'm done my rough draft and start the revision process, I will take heed of her instructions.

So, my point is that de-cluttering is a powerful tool which can effect every part of your life.

Have a healthy and happy Friday everyone. 

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