Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A small change that made a big difference

Many of my clients are getting tired of putting their remodel plans on hold, but in this ecomony it is the safest path to take.  My advice to them is to look at the rooms in their homes and update the ones that they feel need it the most.  A case in point would be this bathroom shower remodel.  It's a small thing to do but it certainly added to the quality of my clients life when it was completed. 

The Challenge:  This is the original shower with the glass block being an outside wall.  There was a leakage problem which created a crack in the cultured marble as well as a level issue on the floor and an airflow problem which created a musty smell. 

When  tearing out walls you never know what to expect.   In this case there was a healthy vine on the outside that extended its roots into a crack in the shower wall to benefit from the water in the shower area.  The roots were thick and only added to the separation between the wall and the shower floor.  Once the wall was removed the floor was also leveled, new walls put up and the vine was pulled up.
One other thing about removing old walls that I always tell my clients is that there are often times roaches and other bugs that have been living in the wall and will come out to find a new home, so they need to have roach spray on hand.  As you can see from the photo on the right this was a small shower that had many problems and really needed to be remodeled.

The End Result:

Porcelain tile now surrounds the shower area and four windows that can open bring in the air and the skyscape that surrounds the back of their home.  Small glass tiles were used to decorate the stone and  2" tiles were placed on the floor with a decorative floor drain.  I designed this curved shower using small floor tiles to cut down on cutting tiles which made for a faster and easier install. It also provides a great look and the additional grout in the small tiles is further assurance against slipping on the wet surface.

  My clients are enjoying their shower everyday now and are so glad they made the decision to have this remodel done.  It's a small change that made a big difference. 

If you are considering a bathroom remodel  and would like assistance in making some of your choices just email me to set up an appointment: claremarie@asyoulikeitdz.com..