Sunday, September 12, 2010

Add Richness to Your Dining Experience.

Walnut is one of the finest woods in the world.  We are fortunate in this country to have a few varieties  of this wood species.  Its warm brown wood finishes luxuriously and it is easy for woodworkers to work with and it is a hardwood and very durable.  This is a wood that is so beautiful with just a simple topcoat that you rarely need to put an actual stain on it.

This table takes center stage in a house and is used routinely  for dinner as well as for poker nights.  It has a circular Lazy Susan in the center that can be used for passing dishes.   It is in a room that houses Arts and Crafts furniture so inlaids were used around the Lazy Susan area and small inlaid squares were placed on the trim around the table.  It is stunning.

The table is 66" in diameter and will easily sit up to 6 people.  On party occasions more people have been known to lounge by the table to enjoy the company of others.  Its rich texture is a draw in any room.

This table was designed for the room it is in.  If you are interested in having a custom table such as this built please give me a call(480-861-2711) or email me ( so we can talk about a design that fits your needs and your space. 

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