Monday, June 11, 2012

Peter Bynum's interactive paintings

At the Architectural Digest Home Design Show in NYC this year I was mesmerized by the illuminated paintings of Peter Bynum.  His work blends the art forms of sculpture and painting with light to create a  more dynamic type of art.  As you can see with the photo on the right, the paintings consist of several panels, this one is 8 panels but it varies depending on the work.   Each panel is painted and the space between the panels adds depth when the unit is assembled.   Light is transferred through the art piece from behind thereby enhancing the depth and drawing the viewer into the art work.  The visual effect of each work of art can be significantly changed by the viewer with the remote dimmer that controls the light. It is the light that gives a sense of movement to the paintings landscape.  If it is a field of flowers than the viewer is pulled into the field. If it is an ocean scene with fish than the viewer may find herself  swimming  through the scene with the other fish.  This contemporary art form is just fabulous to view. You can see more of his pieces by clicking onto   Enjoy.

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