Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Cutting Edge

As a kitchen designer who does a fair amount of cooking,  knives are an important item in my kitchen. Knives make a difference in how well you function in the kitchen, they increase speed for one thing. One of my goals this year is  to upgrade the  knives in our own kitchen. 
That means I've been doing my research and looking at the various cutlery products available in the stores. What I want seems pretty simple -  a knife that is razor sharp with  quality grade steel  and a handle that has a good feel.  I am very particular about how a knife feels in my hand, so I always have to pick it up. I also know that I don't want a poorly constructed knife that may come apart because of cleaning it in the dishwasher.  Most of all I want  a good warranty to accompany the knife set - maybe one that includes sharpening  a  knife when it becomes dull from use.  At Sur La Table  I did see  a knife set  that seemed to fill the requirements to some degree,  but the Wusthof knife set is beyond my budget.  At that point I gave up my search for awhile.

Then I stumbled upon  Cutco through a friend of mine.  On request, Emily,  a representative from Cutco came to my home to demonstrate  the product's features.   I knew when I picked up the knife that I liked it.  I liked how it sliced through the apple and how it was able to slice the tomato into very thin slices without squishing out the juice.. The feel of the knife, the sharpness of the knife and Cutco's Forever Guarantee sealed the deal for me. I can now check "buy good knives"  off my list of things to do.

 Emily's knowledge about  the product and the different set options made the whole process of knife shopping so much easier.  I'm glad I looked for the product in advance though  because I  understood  about the pricing and I knew the quality of steel and the warranty that I was expecting.

There are lots of set options available through  Cutco.   If you buy certain sets than you can get the scissors or super shears for free.  Emily  did a fun demonstration showing that the shears could cut through anything, chicken bones or whatever, when she used the shears to cut a penny.

 To check more out about this product just go to .  If you are interested just called Emily for an in-home demonstration: 480-813-5603. 


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