Monday, October 1, 2012

What About Lyptus?

Over the past decade cherry has reigned as the number one wood species chosen by consumers for their kitchen cabinets, closely followed by maple.  Cherry is a beautiful wood - there's little grain and absorbs stains nicely. Maple is also a beautiful wood though, if finished in its natural state, it will yellow over time, so consumers often prefer it with a light stain and glaze.

However, recent studies show that consumers are looking for something different and other woods such as walnut are increasing in the market.  Oak is also having a comeback  which is great since we have allot of oat in this country.  However, it is coming back with a different, more upbeat look.  One other wood that is  gaining attention because of its exotic appearance and fills the need for 'something different'  is lyptus.

Fieldstone Lyptus - Cabinets By C and F

Lyptus is a environmentally friendly hardwood, actually harder than oak, grown on certified plantations which means that there is managed growth of this product. It's actually a  hybrid of two species eucalyptus trees and is a great alternative to the more traditional woods of oak, cherry, maple.  In appearance it rival cherry and mahogany because of its even, straight grain and easily absorbs a wide variety of finishes. The hardness of the wood makes it an excellent choice for milling and machining so you will find it in cabinets, flooring and it is available as a veneer as well as a solid wood product.  This wood works well in a contemporary setting as well as a traditional setting.

If you are interested in remodeling your kitchen and want something 'just a little different' than please give me a call: 480-861-2711.   As a furniture designer as well as a kitchen designer I often create complimentary pieces in other rooms to blend with the kitchen and lyptus is an affordable wood that is also used by many craftsman.  Lyptus would also be an excellent choice for a wine room.

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