Thursday, February 28, 2013

Eye on Dacor -The Life of the Kitchen

JC Abbey Introduces Dacor - The Life of the Kitchen
A big part of my job as a kitchen designer is to help homeowners select the best appliance for their kitchen. And for that reason I attend tradeshows and manufacturers seminars whenever possible.  Last week I attended a seminar on the Dacor line of products.  What a treat!
Dacor is an American, family owned-business that has been operating since 1965 and is well known for its cooking and ventilation products. It offers a full line of appliances that appeal to a broad range of  homeowners because of their style, performance and craftsmanship. When selecting Dacor appliances you have three series to choose between: Distinctive - price point package, Renaissance which gives highlights performance appliances  and Discovery which is more innovative. 
 The Discovery 30" Millennia Wall Oven is a jewel in the kitchen and is designed and manufactured in California. I can't say enough about double ovens.  Double ovens are great to have in the kitchen. If you have the space but have to tweak the budget alittle to include one then do it. You won't regret it, I promise.  It's a time saver and if it is a convection oven then it is even more of a time saver.  This one pictured on the right isn't just a gem because it looks pretty but  it's also a "pure convection oven".

Let's talk about this idea of pure convection.  Dacor''s exclusive Pure Convection System  is achieved through a inter workings of 4 parts: fan, heating element, air baffle and the convection filter.  For the homeowner this translate into reduce cooking time, superior heat distribution and it  means  that  you can cook different dishes at the same time without the worry of  the flavors transferring from one dish to another.  It's a baker's delight because as a  pure convection the air circulates around the food so you get even heat distribution meaning  all your cookies will come out looking great; there's no need to turn the pan so that the cookies in the back don't burn.  In the picture on the right you can see the racks and the round filter that I pulled from the back where it is normally kept.  It is dishwasher safe so you can remove it and include it in your next dishwashing cycle.  Another unique feature that I really liked is the space at the front of the rack that allows for a hand to pull the rack out.  So simple a feature, yet so practical.  

Other important features in this oven  are the Controller Panel, the rain gutter and the recessed heating element under the glass.  The rain gutter prevents vapor from descending down the front of the glass on the inside.  There are ovens that no matter how hard you clean that glass the problem is inside the glass so it wll never come clean - the rain gutter prevents that issue.  The recessed heating element under the glass allows for faster preheating and secures that even heating temperature within the oven. 

The Control Panel on this oven is fabulous.  It features a full-color LED display with a glass touch.  It's full color means you can match the paint in your kitchen if you would like.  That sounds funny to some people but the fact is that other people will change the color to use the control panel as an accessory in the kitchen. 

This Control Panel does everything it needs to do: calculate time, temperature and cooking mode.  It also comes with about 100 recipes.  As good as this one is it is undergoing a technological makeover that includes Wi-Fi.  The new  Discovery panel should be out in June of this year.  Just think you can set your temperature and check facebook at the same time.  In my posting on Kitchen Trends I mention that technology in the kitchen will be a hot issue over the few years and then I heard about this panel.  It's exciting. 

As I said Dacor offers a full line of products. If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen or  maybe just upgrading your appliances do yourself a favor and click on this website:  There's so much more that can be said about this company, its commitment to customer  service and  its well designed products and they offer information, advise and recipes on their website.. 


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