Thursday, February 21, 2013

Knobs and Handles

Knobs on Doors except on waste basket cabinets
It's no secret that kitchen remodeling can be overwhelming and very stressful to the homeowners.  The biggest reason probably is because it's s a big interruption in the daily routine of the family.  All of a sudden you are using the dining room table for breakfast and you are using the laundry room sink to wash dishes.  These are things people know about before they remodel, but I find my clients are often surprised at the details involved in a kitchen makeover.  As a designer I am there to help with all the selections - appliances, tile, lighting, as well as cabinets and part of my job is reducing the homeowners stress level.  The one detail that often takes far longer than the homeowner ever expects is the hardware selection for the cabinetry.  If you have a full overlay door style the hardware is necessary to open the doors, otherwise, finger pulls or possibly no hardware at all will work fine. Keep in mind that hardware is jewelry to a cabinet and for this reason people will often add it regardless of necessity. All the doors in these pictures are the full overlay style.

Galley Kitchen - all handles

Once you determine you need/want hardware than the fun of selection begins. Your next decision is what kind - knobs and handles, just knobs, just handles. When people decide on both they tend to put the knobs on the doors and handles (pulls) on the drawers.  The one cabinet that is different is the one with the trash bin, since it pulls out like a drawer, it usually has a handle.  In a small kitchen it is often better to have one or the other but most of my client's prefer all handles (pulls) regardless of the size of their kitchen.

Wider drawer base, larger handle.
If the drawers are over 30" you may want to choose a larger  handle.  Again it depends on you and on your budget.  If you have two handles than you need to pull both at the same time to open the drawer which is the main reason people will choose a larger handle.  However, large handles can be costly which is the main reason a homeowner will go with the two pulls.  Another reason is the look.  One handle will always look more contemporary; two handles have more of a furniture look. 

You're not done with your decisions yet.  You have finish and handle style to think about.  And the prices vary all over the place. Chrome which is coming back in style tends to be the lease espensive whereas oil-rubbed bronze will be a little pricey.  What you choose depends on your appliances, thee look you want to achieve and your budget.  Speaking of budgets, you need to have a budget in mind and tell the designer.  If the designer knows that she won't look for products outside your price range.  If it's important to you then it will be important to her or him.

Details, details - that's why remodeling the kitchen is overwhelming and that's why you should consider hiring a kitchen and bath designer to help you.  It can make a world of difference to your mental health.

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