Monday, February 25, 2013

What size barstool do you need?

So, your kitchen is done and you have a great island that you just can't wait to use.  You need to get those barstools.  Great, what size do you get?  Kitchen designers know this without even thinking because we do it so often. 

* 30" High Countertop
With the Universal Design we often incorporate a 30" high countertop within the kitchen perimeter.  It is the normal  table or desk height and  is often found at the end of the counter or for seating around  the counter.  For this height you just need a  chair or stool with a seat height of 17" or 18".  This is a measurement of the seat to the floor not of the whole length of the chair. 

*  36" High Countertop
Your kitchen counter is normally 36" high that's because the base cabinet is 34 1/2" and the countertop is 1 1/2".  Because we are designing for multi-generational families many kitchens will have varying countertop heights but the 36" high is still the standard height.  For this height a 24" -26" seat  height will be required.

* 42" High Countertop
This is the typical bar countertop height.  For this height a 28"-30" seat height would be required.

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