Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Touch of Class with Glass

Today glass has a wide range of usage in home decor.  In the kitchen area it looks stunning when used as glass tiles placed strategically into a backsplash.  It is also beautiful as a countertop especially if it is designed as an accent countertop with granite or another solid surface being the main countertop.   Of course, glass tables have been common in the American household for years.   Glass tables have certainly come along way though.  Take a look at these beauties created by Gravity Glas.   These are custom tables  and there's  a variety of colored glass to choose from as well as the type of edging available  to complete the design..  

Here is an idea that would be great for a wine bar area.  You can create an atmosphere where it changes color or just keep a specific color to complement the room it's in.

The bathroom has the added option of a glass sink.  It can be a fabulous vessel sink or it can make a stunning pedestal sink.  Designed mirrors can also add great appeal in the bathroom.

If you interested in exploring the best way to design with glass in your remodel projects just give me a call.  Just a touch of this material in a room can add spark and interest and bring the room to life.

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