Monday, March 4, 2013

Finishing Touches in the Bathroom

 There was once a time when people remodeled so there could sell their house faster but that attitude has been replaced with "let's remodel so we can enjoy it before we have to sell it". This mindset has led to an increase in bathroom remodeling using luxury components. In other words, people are splurging on their bathrooms.

In the previous decade, bathroom renovations came second to kitchen remodeling. If the homeowner was planning on doing the kitchen then they would include the bathroom as well. Now, there's is a good chance that the homeowner will do the bathroom first because it is a room used everyday so they have the benefit of using those fabulous products everyday. Homeowners are investing in TOTO toilets with an apron or tankless toilets that hang on the wall for ease of cleaning, intricate tile designs on the walls and shower flooring, oversized shower niches as well as luxuriously styled tubs and faucet fixtures. Sometimes even the smallest of details can make a statement in a renovation which is where the drain comes in.    

Years ago deciding on a drain in the shower was a very minor decision because there weren't allot of choices.  Today, in our design-conscious world  the number of choices can make your head spin.  The simplest choice is to insert a drain that is the same finish as the finish on your fixtures in the shower or wet room.  Another option is to create a tiled space  over the drain that allows for water to drains and eliminates other particles like hair from going down the drain.
More complicated decisions usually involved more complicated installation considerations.  The Infinity Drain is a beautiful addition to any shower area.  To the left is a picture that depicts how it is installed.  To the right is a completed installation. The drain comes in various sizes so it depends on the size of the  shower as to what size you will need.
Another great accessory that you once saw only in luxury  hotel bathrooms is the heated towel rack. This is almost a necessity in a cold climate.  The primary reason for a towel warmer is to dry towels, but in doing so it will often warm the room which is a wonderful benefit at 7AM when you are getting ready for work.  The best way to fold a towel on the rack so that it is fluffy and warm when you next need it is to fold it in 3rds and then drape it over the rail. The layers will hold in the heat more than just a single layer.  Most towel racks comes out  from the wall about 4 or 4 1/2".
A towel rack can be a real eye catcher in a bathroom.The heated towel rack on the right is a Hydrotherm product which would look stunning in the right bathroom.  The size of your space will determine what size of towel rack you can incorporate in the space.  Hydrotherm produces a wide range of sizes and finishes like the one shown here that can be viewed on their site and they will also create a custom rack if the bathroom design requires it.
Accessorizing the bathroom is usually a fun project.  It can take many forms such as selecting special towels, soaps, decorative and functional lights, light switches-it's endless, really.  But there are some accessories that are just wow factors like a sleek looking floor to ceiling  towel rack.

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