Monday, May 20, 2013

Functional Luxury - the Miele/SubZero Kitchen - The 5 Burner Cooktop

Just how important is ventilation to a kitchen?  It's very important.  The kitchen hood can make or break a fabulous kitchen yet so often it is overlooked.

 When designing a kitchen the cooktop and ventilation need to be considered as one unit.  A good design will allow them to work together efficiently.

This Miele  36" five  burner  cooktop is a powerful workhorse with its (2) 9,000 BTU high speed burners, (2) 15,300 BTU double inset super burners and its (1) 12,000 BTU super burner.  Whatever  thee homeowner will be cooking will surely put some pollutants into the air and for that reason you need a hood that's a good match for the cooktop. The hood chosen for this task was the 42"Best 1000 CFM (cubic foot per minute) chimney style hood.  There are some great features with this hood. 

Generally, a hood with its duct work vented to the outside is considered the most effective ventilation system.  For efficiency sake the hood should be at the very least the width of the cooktop,   It is preferable though that the hood be wider by 3 to 6 inches than the cooktop,  This is because  the greater the capture area the more efficient the unit can be.  What's great about this hood is that it also comes in a 24" depth which is not the standard.  With this configuration at 42" wide and  a 24" depth a solid system was in place to insure greater capture of the pollutants such as moisture and grease naturally rising from the cooking surface and dispersing into the air in the kitchen.   Another great  feature is that while the flue accommodates 8' to 9' ceilings it can be extended for 10' ceilings.

As a kitchen designer I work with manufacturers and appliance dealers to get you the best hood and cooktop configuration for your installation.  You can't overlook this important component in your kitchen remodel.

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