Friday, August 23, 2013

In The Woodworker Shop -- Closet MakeOver

Every now and then we get the chance to work on our own projects in between one's for our client's.  This week is one of those times.  And the task at hand is redesigning the closets. 

Closets drive me crazy. They accumulate clutter at an amazing rate and I hate clutter.  Every year I go through our closets and try throwing out things that we haven't worn or used within the last year.  Some things are exempt from my de-cluttering agenda though -  like Al's Navy uniform and the red fun fir that I bought with a Christmas bonus from my first real job. It's funny the attachment some things have on your heart.  Never throw out anything that you have a strong attachment to.  Let time handle it.  At some point the attachment won't be so strong.

Every closet design is different.  It all depends on the size of the closet and what you intend to store in the closet.  Sometimes you need more places for shirts/blouses or maybe you need more shelves for shoes.  Figuring out what you need is half the battle and must be done before you start tearing anything apart. The redesign of the bedroom closet has been done on paper for a few months now.  Last week Al was able to start work on the first closet and has finished his part in building the units for that one.  We have 3 other closets in the design process..

So, this morning I finished several cups of coffee and took one with me to the workshop for my part of this project: finishing work.  As you can see there are lots of parts to this little closet - the boxes, the frames, baseboard trim, shelves, face frames and the raised panel doors and drawer fronts.  I think as long as I can work at least 3 hours a day it should take me about 2 days for staining and then another one or two for the glazing process.  Let the fun begin.

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