Monday, September 23, 2013

Miele's Master Chef Combi Sream Oven

This all-in-one oven will enhance  your cooking skills and enrich your guests dining experience in the kitchen.   On a recent  tour of the Miele's Princeton Showroom I was able to partake in a cooking class where Holly Curry, home economists and instructor at Miele, demonstrated the Combi-Steam Oven and Convection Oven capabilities in a variety of dishes.   Mary Moulds, Culinary Advisor at Miele, explained the benefits of cooking with the Combi Steam Oven as the attendees awaited a three course, delightful-to-the-taste buds meal.  The attendees included  two designers and several homeowners who already owned at least one Miele appliance.

The 24"  Combi Steam Oven allows you to cook in 3 different modes: Steam, Convection and the Combination of both.  Combining the steam and convection technologies makes heat transfer faster and can add that extra browning that is very appealing on foods like roast pork.  The new Combi Steam Oven comes with a larger interior for cooking which means you can now prepare dishes for around 8 to 10 guests in the unit.  They were able to do this  because the water components  have been moved to a Lift-Up Control Panel above the interior. The control panel lifts up to reveal both the water reservoir and the condensate container. 

Using the Combi Steam Oven  Holly created  a savory salmon with vegetables and couscous in less than 10 minutes.

With coffee and conversation between courses Holly next prepared a roast in the  30" Convection Oven and used the steam oven for the vegetables and biscuit.  Needless to say the attendees all ate quite well during the course of our 3 hour seminar.

Before having the final dessert course, we were able to tour the showroom and see some of the other appliances.

Ventilation Hoods

Miele  has a wide range of  consumer products other than kitchen appliances.  It is well known for its vacuums as well as its washers and dryers.


 And for those homeowners who want something other than stainless steel in their kitchen Miele is now offering a Bright White finish that will look great in a kitchen - traditional or contemporary style.

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