Friday, November 22, 2013

On A Rainy Day, the World is Gray.

Cascading rain, pouring steadily throughout the night,  has brought cool, refreshing air, a soft blanket of mist for the sun  and a variety of puddles to the Arizona landscape.  Arizona is one of the sunniest States in the Union and the intensity of our sun dominates and often mutes the beauty of  other colors decorating our outside world. Although Arizona does have 4 seasons, it doesn't rain often in the Phoenix area.

It's not just the smell of the air that makes the rain so endearing.   It's the gray overcast which accompanies the rain and allows all the other colors of the landscape to rise and shine.  The green of the scrubs is more green,  yellow flowers are more noticeable,  the neighbors rustic-orange garage door that you thought was too loud for the neighborhood now blends beautifully with its environment.  It's the color gray.  It softens the world and allows other colors to be vibrant.  I've always loved the color gray.

If you are thinking of painting your house, this would be a good time to go outside and pay attention to the hues in nature.

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