Monday, October 20, 2014

Traveling Philly's Past.

I've been very busy traveling this summer for both business and pleasure.  Although the bath remodel in Philly was a design of modern conveniences I often visited houses that belong to another era, making me feel as though I don't just travel between time zones but travel back in time.  On tour at the Court Inn in Newtown, Pa, I found some interesting items.

Take this kitchen that was built in 1740: 

It was one of two kitchens in the Court Inn,  home of the Historical Society,  and both have operational beehive ovens which they use from time to time for events.

My favorite item from the past though was this rope style bed below.  There is one continuous rope going horizontally and then tied at the post and another one going vertically and tied at the post.  It was a nice step up from sleeping on the floor, was easy to store and easy to travel with if need be, making it a very functional piece of furniture.  But not so easy to tighten when the rope became loose with usage.  I don't know what the lone traveler did in a situation like this. This bed clearly requires two people to work the rope.  No wonder they weren't any gyms in those days. This would be laborious.

I love history.  I spend hours down in Philly taking pictures, walking streets where Franklin, Washington and Jefferson walked.  My next walk through time will be walking the path that Franklin took when he first landed in Philadelphia.  He notes it well in his autobiography, so I have it on my to-do list. 


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