Friday, February 13, 2015

Tubs Steal the Show at KBIS 2015 - Part 1 - The Aquabrass Story

If you were at KBIS this year, you couldn't help but see the plethora of freestanding tubs displayed with such a sense of flair and style.  It may very well be the year of the tub.

Keeping the tub has always been a kind of dilemma for homeowners when they start to think about remodeling the bathroom.  They often want a bigger shower and find that the tub is in the way.  You can see the distress on their faces.  In my latest bathroom remodel I moved the toilet to the other side of the space which enabled me to separate  the all-in-one shower/tub unit creating one frameless shower enclosure and one bath tub area.  So now the real decision is what type of tub to purchase.  The trend these days is to go with a freestanding tub and make it the center of attention or the focal point.

Let me introduce you to a company called Aquabrass.  Aquabrass is headquartered in Montreal Canada and manufacturers a wide range of bathroom and kitchen fixtures.  Recently they launched a new limited series of hand-painted freestanding tubs known as their Kanvas line.  These  stunning tubs would add an artistic as well as distinctive touch to any bath remodel. 

 These stone resin tubs have a high-resistant glossy white finish and the artwork is protected with lacquer.  They come with a press pop-up drain included as well as a build-in overflow.  They are made to fit into any space so they are not large in size.  They measure 56" at the base, 28" deep measuring from the floor to the highest side ( 25" inside the tub), and 30" wide.  They weigh around 330 lbs and can hold up to 95 gal of water.  The lowest price is around $8,000.00. 

Another concept offered by Aqubrass is the Aquazone.  The Aquazone is a space saving bath and shower unit molded into one separate but equal wet zone.  It this 59" x 59 1/2" space, you have 28.5" allocated for the tub and 28.5" allocated for the shower  with the tub being 18" deep on the inside.  It's made of a solid Lucite acrylic one-piece construction material and comes with 2 wheels and 6 adjustable levelers so one person can roll this in place.  This definitely has a place in homes with small bathrooms.  The panels shown can be used for seating or double as a wall shelves.

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