Thursday, February 23, 2017

Think, Build, Live

A lively crowd attended the Garden State Woodworkers Show in Somerset, New Jersey last week.  The theme of the show was Think, Build, Live and evidence of those elements were enthusiastically displayed throughout the day. Log cylindering and sawmill equipment demonstrations held outside the convention doors created a crowd attraction before entering the woodworking world within.

Woodworkers from around the country were at the event to share tips and learn the secrets of their trade from the show exhibitors. It was  a wonderful display of creativity as well as an exceptional display of lumber and tools of the trade.  As an amateur wood carver and scroller,  I was  inspired by the workshops I attended and very much enthralled by conversations with the various vendors and other attendees. It was a great place to network with DIY trades women and men, and with other small business owners. 

As a media artist I've dabbled in artistic elements that can be created through hand carving, using a scroll saw or using a band saw. A scroll saw is necessary for intricate work.  It can create an art form such as the little animals in this picture.

A band saw is used to cut curves even in thick lumber but it can't do the intricate work, so depending on the project, both tools may be required. The small boxes in the picture on the left is an example of a piece of art created using the band saw.

I have a few projects in mind that require both of these tools so I am eager to get back to my studio.

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