Sunday, March 17, 2019

Top O' the Morning to Ya - 2019

Happy St. Paddy's Day everyone.

They say it's a great day to be Irish, but I think everyday is a great day to be Irish.  I have my rituals for this day.  My day starts off celebrating the culinary aspects of my ancestry with the making of Irish Scone.  Then I move onto the literary genius of the Emerald Isle by indulging myself in poems by Yeats.  I am a writer so everyday is probably a celebration to this aspect of the Irish culture.  At some point I will don an appropriate tee and head out to get an Irish coffee or at least a whiskey drink.

Anyone who knows me,  knows that I'm proud of my Irish mother, of her courage to sail to America and begin a new life.  Like many Irish women of that era she sailed alone.  In fact, the first immigrant to go through the immigration process at Ellis Island  was an Irish woman traveling alone - Annie Moore.  Annie Moore was 15 when she made that trip.

My scone is out of the oven.  If you go out tonight, be safe and call an Uber if you take in a little too much whiskey/Guinness.  Slainte.


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