Sunday, September 13, 2009

Reinventing, redecorating means decluttering

The hardest part about reinventing your life or redecorating your space is the letting go process. It terms of reinventing your life it is often a habit or negative feelings that you need to get rid of before you can move on; it terms of redecorating, it is a matter of decluttering, so that you can reclaim the space for your new vision of yourself. It's fun, but it's not always easy.

One of the items that no longer fit my lifestyle is a big Victorian House that I put together years ago. Some of the furniture is missing and the house needed some minor repairs before I could sell it to anyone. I needed to glue back on some trim and door handles. I had plants on the balcony but only 3 remain, my cat Kenya ate the others. So, when I sell the house in my garage sale there go all the memories with it. I have pictures though.

Another item is the Black Cat poster that I bought from the Z Gallerie in downtown Tempe when my daughter worked there. The picture reminds me of Kenya, my black cat that lived with me for 17 years. It's still a good art deco picture and will make someone else happy for several more years to come.

I've asked my neighbors if they wanted to go together on a neighborhood garage sale as soon as the weather gets a little cooler here. If you have things in your house that no longer meet your needs then recycling them throug a garage sale, or donating them to Goodwill, or in case of books please donate them to The Friends of your local library. You can also take them to used clothing stores like My Sister's Attic or one of the local charities looking for donations. Finding a place to give your items to is not difficult, but getting to that point can be a struggle. I have helped several of my clients declutter and the end result is always rewarding.

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