Sunday, August 18, 2013

Functional Luxury- Bringing It All Together

Sometimes there is so much I want to say about a kitchen that I have to break it up into several posts.  The Miele/SubZero Wolf  kitchen was one of those kitchens.  

My initial post introduced the start of the project:  The Beginning.  That was followed with an overall view of the completed kitchen: The Miele/Subzero Kitchen.     And then the details regarding the incredible appliances in the kitchen: The Built-In RefrigeratorThe 5-Burner Cooktop & Hood,  and The Steam Oven.

There are just a few other details that I would like to bring to light before closing the chapter on this kitchen.  An Impressive and stunning job was done Marlam Industries in laying down the granite countertop.  They are part of the team I've assembled through my years in the business because they take care of my clients like I take care of them,  and they pay attention to details like I pay attention to details.  Kitchen designers do not work in a vacuum, we work in collaboration with other trade professionals.  They help bring our designs to life.  And when you've assembled a good team, you have a successful installation.

 Whenever possible it is a good design idea to group tall, deep cabinets together.  This wall was tricky because I modified both tall cabinets and needed the result to show them in alignment and when you do that there is always an element of risk. 

What I love most about this wall space though is the negative space above the 36" base cabinets.  Yes, we could have put wall cabinets with glass doors above the base cabinets and that would have looked great but this kitchen already had plenty of cabinet space so it wasn't totally necessary.  This space is blank by design.  It is there for whatever artistic expression or statement the homeowner chooses to include there.  It could be paintings, mirrors, display shelves, floral arrangements, mosaic art  etc. The possibilities are endless. This is a great opportunity to personalize the design and enrich the atmosphere of the kitchen.  

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