Saturday, May 19, 2018

The World of Paint

One of the first things people often do when they want a new look to a room is to paint it.   I have hundreds of paint color samples that I take to my client's home and we talk about what color is best for each room.  Often the downstairs or public area are done in one color and the private areas done in different colors.  It's best to have a color plan laid out before the process begins.

This living space is  one of my favorite projects.  The house is now on the market for sale so all the pictures that once adorned the walls have been removed for staging purposes.

Designing With Books

I'm currently involved in choosing paints for a 1,000 SF condo.  Gray is one of my favorite colors. They are a variety of shades, some charcoal, some light,  but they can all serve as a base color with areas of bold blue or purple to offset and create magic in the room.  I created a post earlier in the blog about the color of gray:    

How To Paint A Room Article:

If you decide to do the painting rather then hire a contractor, here's an excellent article to help with the task:

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