Monday, May 20, 2019

Creating A Space Within A Space

The ICFF show in NYC over the weekend offered a wide variety of  innovative creations from a  global array of manufacturers.  I talked to several company representatives from the Scandinavian countries as well as from Italy and Spain who were exhibiting at the show for the first time.

There were many beautiful and highly functional products presented this year, but what struck me the most was the attention given to creating a space within a space.  Whether the design was meant as a workspace strategy or as a way to create just the right space for you in your home, the variety of materials on display designed to achieve a sense of well being was staggering.  The key concept of creating appealing spaces within the main space with materials other than 2 x 4 studs was manifested  throughout the event.

Softwall Divider -  Molo

What you looking at is a wall made form layers of paper.  That's right and what gives it strength is the flexible honeycomb geometry that can expand to create a structure about 100 times stronger than its compressed form. Components are made from paper or textiles and come in a variety of color and heights that connect by magnetic end panels.  It's a very flexible and sustainable design that can accommodate life's changes over time. You can configure the modules to meet your space needs whether that's a room divider to absorb sound or to create a more private space within a space.

 Complementing Spaces - Cascando

 This was the most fun booth for me.  Workplace happiness was on display here.  They have room dividers on wheels.  The divider could be configured to accommodate a screen, or business pamphlets.  It is about 12" deep so you can use the space between the acoustical panels to store manual or as book shelves.  This is a modular system so you create whatever environment you wish to incorporate in your life/work style.


Cascando is a Dutch design company with an impressive collection of innovative and inspiring products focused on empowering your workspace.  From soft seating to whiteboards to tables and coat racks, they can help  designers to give their clients just the right products for their needs.

Make Space Work Better - Loftwall
A lightweight, flexible partition screen that can accommodate the design of any space. The panels are neutral colors that serve as sound barriers in open spaces. The panels are available in 3 colors and can
easily be re-configuration to fit your work space and needs.

It's important than we enjoy our home and our workspace as much as possible.  I hope some of these concepts inspire you to look at your space in a more functional and sustainable view.  Designing your space effectively for your needs is the main goal of professional designers.  We like to help create just the right space.

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