Wednesday, November 13, 2019

A Modern Style Bathroom Vanities

I'm at the process of looking for a new vanity for the bathroom that I'm working on. The style is modern so that is a big known that I can check off right away.  Knowing your style is critical to every design project. It is something you need to discuss from the get-go with your designer.

My favorite vanity is a curved sink vanity that I placed in my "Barn Door" bathroom design a few years ago.  I absolutely love this vanity.  To meet my client's needs, I had my installer modify the cabinet to include electrical functionality.

In my current design, I've decided to have the cabinet built.  I love designing furniture pieces because it gives me the greatest amount of flexibility and I can incorporate everything my client needs. It is not always easy to modify a piece of furniture that is already constructed.

The bathroom I'm working on is a small area that includes all the elements of a bath area plus an apartment size washer/dryer unit. The vanity needs to fit beside the washer/dryer and it must have two sinks.  I have my task cut out for me.

Whether a custom vanity or a store bought one, there are certain vanity essentials to adhere to:
- quality craftsmanship
- personalized storage
- stylized design.

The style of the bathroom is a simple, clean line endeavor using stand alone furniture pieces in the space. The cabinet is designed to be a floating unit and will be installed 10" off the floor.  Floating vanities can be placed as far up as 12" but often depends on where you want the height of your countertop to be.  It is oak with a teak veneer.  The two sink vanity top was chosen first as I needed to adhere to certain measurements. The veneer was ordered as I was working on the design.

The design is complete and construction is underway.  When complete the 3"countertop will sit on top of the cabinet.  Below is the item as it stands now.  I have applied a sealer to teak strip so you can see its finished color.  You can apply a stain to teak, but I like it with just a sealer.

I'll post a picture of the installation once we have it in place. 

Teak Cabinet: 55" double sink vanity, 4 full-extended drawers, electrical plug-ins.

Teak with one coat of sealer

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