Friday, November 15, 2019

Volunteer and Give Christmas Cheer

completed cup
Preparing for Christmas is under way. As a kitchen and bath designer, the last months of the year are usually not that busy for me. It tends to be more decorating and/or interior design type of work because people are using their kitchens to the max during the holiday season.But this is a great season for volunteer activities.

Since the age of ten,  I've been volunteering for one thing or another but my favorite activities are: working the so called 'soup kitchens', and caring for kids and the elderly. I think the elderly in our society may be the most neglected.

Working with several other women on organizing a Christmas Store where kids can come to buys gifts for family and friends is a fun activity and there is plenty to do. Putting things in categories such as Dads, Mom's, $1.50 items, is the first stage.

 Other cups completed
My first task is to fill the cups with goodies. The cups sell for around $1.50 and they go fast. The current request is for 200 cups, so we'll be doing cups for awhile. 

Other task going on at the moment are filling the baskets, then wrapping them.  And setting up the tables, so the kids can easily move around them to see what would be the best present for Mom and Dad and other family members and friends.

This year the event is held on December 8th. It's held at the Community Center next to the Gracie's Thrift Store at 1520 East Apache Blvd. It will be a super-great day. The smiles on the children's faces makes it so worthwhile. If you are in the area, please let the children stop in and browse.

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