Monday, September 13, 2021

It's Time To Play

During the last couple of years when COVID disrupted our normal work and social life, we made some changes to our business.  I have always been a writer and a people person and both my 30 year career in technology and my design career supported those passions.  My creative energies have shifted over the last few Covid years and it became time to let go of my kitchen and bath design endeavors. This was not an easy decision. I have great clients and helping people create life changing spaces has always been my greatest honor. 

In January we bought a Ford Transit Cargo Van. A cargo van is basically steel on wheels with nothing besides the driver and passenger seats which is exactly what was needed.  The traveler in me was happy, although I am looking forward to getting back to Europe, and the designer in me is having a blast. 

 A cargo van comes without side windows so we ordered two awning windows with screens the first week we got the van. I had already done a layout so we knew where the small windows were going.  However, because of product backload created by COVID, it took months for the windows to arrive.

Van conversion is mostly about understanding power and water supply. We have three sources of power: shore, inverter and solar. The inverter allows us to go from direct to alternating current so we can switch on our lights or our coffee maker - very important. The solar allows us to go off grid and still keep the fridge running. As with any remodel the first thing to install is all the material, equipment that is behind the walls. Once we established where to put the lithium batteries, the water tank, the fridge, the shower, the inverter then we could get to work on installing all the materials and equipment that lies behind the walls and behind the scenes. After spraying insulation and running all the wiring we installed the black walnut hardwood flooring down the center of the ceiling.  The flooring on the side of the walnut is a light bamboo but again the bamboo took awhile to arrive so we had to wait to install that piece.  There is also hardwood flooring on the floor. Because of the size of the interior most of the coloring is light color. This is a medium size van so the interior height is 69".  We wanted something we could stand up in.

Our conversion is complete. I was very happy when all my sewing was done. The majority of the cushion zippers are over 45" so my first feat was remembering how to attach a zipper foot to the zipper chain.  I have sewn many home decor items in my life but it's been awhile. We have no intension of living in the van as some people do. It's for play only.  

Al is still focused on work working projects, so feel free to contact him through email.

I have talked to most of you so this is no surprise for the most part. My previous clients can always text me if you need my assistance. I will be happy to help. 

To all of my clients, thank you all for allowing me to come into your lives and help you create the space that you needed. 

Thank you.

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