Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Countertops are Installed ---- Hooray

leathered granite 

Hooray, our countertops are in place.  It makes a huge difference in a kitchen when the countertops are down. The window frame on our main window is a wider than most frames. In order to incorporate that modern look we removed the top slab front on the kitchen sink cabinet so the installers could secure the undermount sink properly.  As you can tell the dish washer still has to be installed.
Avenza quarty

                                     The countertops look beautiful. The high polish of the Avenza quartz is offset perfectly with the muted look of the leathered steel gray granite.   I'm happy.                  

It took four men to carry the granite up to the 2nd floor.  It is a heavy stone.  I heard the last guy say, "Faster, Go faster."  They did not want to drop this stone.  Thank you,  Cosmos Marble and Granite Company for doing such an awesome job.  

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